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what I do
copywriting With a solid grounding in publishing, I've worked on magazine weeklies, monthlies, partworks, books and even foreign language titles with writers, creatives, translators and consultants lending their skills. Generally, subjects ranged from lifestyle, television, soaps, cookery, home, health and women's interest but I have also researched, written and edited music, murder, DIY, military, wildlife, the natural world and reference works.

digital media
Multimedia projects have included children's reference titles, Animal Safari and Music Box, as well kiosk interactives.

As Group Editor for AOL Time Warner, I was channel manager for all lifestyle online content including:

Working as a freelance copywriter with advertising and creative agencies has brought me varied and interesting digital projects, from web site launches, microsites, redesigns and ad campaigns. More recently, I have been creating a digital presence and writing business documentation including grant submissions for Nuvitik subsea cable. See my client list.

web optimisation
Web content must be sharp, concise and informative and still work harder than ever to improve search engine rankings and clickthrough rates. As Group Editor for AOL Time Warner, I was lucky enough to attend numerous training courses and seminars devoted to writing great web copy, user interface (UI), search engine optimisation (SEO) and web marketing, online banners and e-campaigns. My association with XM London brought me digital work involving clients such as British American Tobacco, Slendertone and Monster Recruitment.

creative writing
My creative writing projects have been playful and fun, mainly children's books and teen content, both print and web. Managing the AOL Time Warner teen content channel gave me a solid base to work from. My involvement with Mystical Productions introduced me to Mysti, teenage half human/half fairy and working with the Mysti comic books as a basis, I planned the structure of www.mysti.co.uk, wrote all launch content and kept the site fresh with monthly updates. From there, Mysti the TV show was born and my spin off book All About Mysti.

Later, I met Skunk, the karate kid who learned his craft from a wise old Panda. Devised by Cartoon Saloon, SkunkFu became a worldwide success. My SkunkFu: U Can Do activity learning books 1 and 2 were produced as part of the global merchandising for SkunkFu.

Other creative projects include concept creation for screen and I am currently researching courses to further my screenwriting skills. Watch this space :-)

editorial consultancy
At times I've been asked to play with a few editorial ideas, flesh out overall concepts, plan series titles or flatplan book or magazine pages in detail. Budgetary considerations affect number of pages, glossy spreads, binding, foldouts, cover add ons, weight of paper... My digital experience is invaluable with web page planning, user interaction (UI), search engine optimisation (SEO), improving clickthrough rates and overall user experience.


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